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Delete. Delete. Delete.
It’s so easy to delete an email. If you don’t know the sender and the subject doesn’t grab your attention, you send an email to the trash faster than we can say “Spam”. Unopened and unread.
In this digital age, your inbox sees more action than your letterbox. However, the flood of email communication actually makes people more receptive to printed material that lands in their letterboxes. Research shows that people retain messaging and engage more intimately with paper-based communications. We can’t argue with that!
What business wouldn’t want to communicate with 95% of households in Sydney?
Research shows that letterbox drops supporting an online campaign – are delivering the highest return on investment for retailers.

Yes, we will:

  1. Print your flyers
  2. Insert it into an envelope
  3. Distribute the envelopes
  4. Link your promotion online using QR codes

Your printed advertising message will be delivered to 95% of households in Sydney for just 2.5 cents! With a cost of just 2.5cents a household this proposition has returns far higher than any other advertising media – newspapers, magazines, TV or Radio!

“As per independent research – an envelope in a letterbox has 70% higher chances to be read by prospective client than flyer on its own.” – ACA, 2012″
In-fact $2billion was spent last year on direct mail by Australian retailers
Big name retailers & national companies use flyers & catalogues regularly as advertisement in letterbox persuades buyers to call, visit you online, & buy from your business.
“Despite the rapidly advancing technology, the fact remains that the single most effective means of communication with your prospective clients remains via the letterbox.” – ACA (2009)

The key is the envelope!

The envelope is there to build curiosity for the householder and make them open and take action

Shut out the competition! Claim exclusivity in your category today!

We offer YOU, the advertiser, total ownership of your category in every Orange Deal envelope distributed.

First-in first-served. Contact us now before your competitors do! 1300 33 00 50

“Physical media–AKA direct mail–left a ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain.”
- Millward Brown – Forbes, Nov 2012

Printed and distributed for half the price of leading competitors!

Whilst e-commerce may be wreaking havoc among bricks-and-mortar retailers, the old-fashioned paper catalogues and flyers are still resisting the onslaught. When combined with online marketing, advertisers experienced a 26% uplift in brand.

Orange deals prints and distributes your advertising communication to 1 million households across Sydney for 2.5 cents per A5. Now that’s value!

“Unaddressed mail is the least costly and most effective way of communicating detailed product and price information.” – ACA (2009)

Distribute your advertising message to 1 million households across Sydney

First in first served. Contact us now before your competitors do! 1300 33 00 50