Orange Deals Artwork Specifications

  1. Orange Deals requires all artwork to be supplied as high resolution print ready PDF files
  2. Ensure that all files are clearly labelled so they are easily identifiable with your company name, Version & date mentioned on the file  (do not name files as Final Final..)
  3. Finish Size:  192 x 135 mm
  4. Bleed: 5 mm on all sides  of the page
  5. Check that images and text do not exceed the Live Image area (5 mm within trim) unless  they are to bleed fully off the page.
  6. Text SAFETY is at least 3 mm from the final trim size. Do not place any critical images or text beyond the safety to avoid it getting cut off during finishing.
  7. Ensure all  fonts and images  are embedded are at the correct resolution of 300 dpi or more.
  8. All art files must be converted to CMYK (we do not accept RGB files)

Artwork Specification