Despite the rapidly advancing technology, the fact remains that the single most effective means of communication with your prospective clients remains via the letterbox. Research proves our results:

Despite the growth of online media channels and social media, direct mail marketing shows persistent resilience as a reliable form of advertising communications. It is a known fact that people retain messaging and engage more intimately with paper-based communications.

“Physical media–AKA direct mail–left a ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain.”
- Millward Brown – Forbes, Nov 2012

Here at Print4Less, we leverage leading edge research and cut through communication strategies to get your advertising message to customers.

Letterbox drops supported by text messages, email campaigns, QR coding and more are delivering the highest return on investment for retailers.
- Kellie Northwood, Executive Director, ACA

At Print4Less we integrate your offline, Direct Mail campaign with your online presence:

“All the evidence suggests that customers love to browse offline and purchase online. In fact, research conducted by the USPS and Comscore found that catalogues doubled sales and increased website traffic for both existing and new customers.”Charles Nicholls – Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, SeeWhy

Prove it for yourself – here are the Australian Catalogue Association’s latest research results:

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Format Ranked #1

by Entrepreneur Magazine in the USA and Marketing & e-Business Magazine in Australia. 86 of the top 100 franchises use the Orange Deals format for advertising on regular basis.

100% Measurable Results:

To take advantage of your Orange Deal Coupon offer, consumers must present your Coupon at purchase. This allows the advertiser to accurately record redemption numbers, sales statistics and profits. You increase your customer base for future promotions.

Full Colour Impact

Full colour advertisement and coupons are seen faster, read more often, are remembered longer and receive higher response rates.

Active Campaign Life

Orange Deal Coupon campaigns run for a period of 1 or 2 months only – ensuring a long and active life for your Orange Deal Coupon offer, thereby maximising your returns. Each Orange Deal Coupon offer is valid for a limited period of time via a ‘valid until’ date displayed, thereby motivating consumers to redeem the offer prior to expiration.

Free Internet Downloadable Coupons:

Your Orange Deal Coupon offer will also be displayed on our website as a downloadable offer for the entire life of your Orange Deal Coupon campaign

Online Marketing

Maximise your campaign & support your search engine optimisation with our unique offline & online integration services:
1. SMS promotions
2. Links to online Coupons/ Special Offers
3. Link to web Product Information
4. Make a Purchase online links
5. Club/ Loyalty Programs
6. Facebook “Like”

Local Area Coupons

Use a mobile application (IPhone/Android App) to assist customers to find their local dealer.

SMS Coupons for Local Area Subscribers

Advertisers have a unique opportunity to send out their promotions by SMS to their potential Clients. Subscribers can choose to receive or opt out of receiving any promotion Coupons by SMS or MMS.


I would like to thank you all for doing such a great job delivering our pamphlets for us. We have been very happy with the service and we have had great results, with an increase in our regular client base of about 50%……..By far this has been our most effective form of advertising, and we envisage doing twice as many flyers next season. I would highly recommend your business to anyone seeking a friendly and reliable delivery service at an affordable price. I was amazed when I found out you cost about a quarter of the price of Australia Post to deliver the same areas.
Andrew Sutton Freedom Lawns, Mona Vale