Book your flyers with APA and save your money

APA is Australia’s leading authorised agent of Australia Post unaddressed mail distribution. We book, prepare and lodge your flyers with Australia Post while saving you money.


How It Works

1. We book your distribution on the Australia Post on-line portal

Benefit to you : This is a complicated process where any errors can cost money and cause delays.This saves you a lot of headaches and frustration

2. We prepare your stock : Australia Post (Aus Post) need your flyers to be bundled, sorted, bar coded and packed in individual delivery trays for every suburb and postcode.

Benefit to you : This is a very time consuming & complicated system. Any errors may result in wastage of your flyers or stock going to the wrong area or even being returned to you.

3. Lodging at Aus Post Delivery Centre : This is not a difficult task, but it has to be done within the set time frames to make sure your stock goes out as scheduled & follows strict Australia Post guidelines.

Benefit to you : We pack your stock, load it in our truck & then stand in a queue to lodge it – which may take hours, saving you time & hassle.

4. Cost : Australia Post charges from $190 to $420 for every 1000 flyers they deliver. APA, as an authorised agent of Australia Post can save you from $400 to $900 for a typical 10,000 flyer distribution. You can save up to 23% off regular Australia Post prices.

5.  Your local Australia Post “Postie” delivers your flyers along with the regular addressed mail in your targeted areas. The most reliable way of delivering flyers is through your Australia Post Postie

It’s a Win – Win – Win for Everyone

You win – Don’t waste time & money trying to understand the complicated booking, stock preparation and lodgement systems of Australia Post.

Save Money

Relax knowing your local Australia Post Postie is delivering your flyers – Indisputably the most reliable way of delivering your stock

Aus Post wins – They get regular clients but don’t have to dedicate staff to assisting their clients navigate their complicated booking and lodgement

APA wins -  As an authorised agent of Aus Post, we receive a wholesale price, which we onsell with a small margin for ourselves. This provides employment to a number of local workers who are experienced in preparing & lodging your flyers