Comparison Chart

Booklet / Mini Catalogue
Category Exclusivity
Booking Times
Look & Feel
Cost of Mini Catalogue
Cost of insertion + Printing + Distribution
Linking print advert to online
Stats of clicks on QR code
Website log on incentives/prizes
Design / electronic pdf proof
Website listing of deals
GPS Tracking of your Delivery
Yellow Envelope
8 weeks
Same every issue
Letter Box Deals
4 weeks
Same every issue
Orange Deals
3 weeks
Unique every issue: season specific
Full QR code & landing page
Yes – full report
Yes – full report
Key Benefits of Orange Deals
  1. Have our design team use their direct market expertise to assist with design, printing, web deal page & QR Code
  2. Short turnaround – no waiting for 2 to 3 months between booking and delivery
  3. Secure exclusivity of category – if you are a Real Estate business – no other RE business will appear in the envelope
  4. Bypass junk mail restrictions- the envelope will reach the householder. It is not confused as a catalogue / junk mail.
  5. Work your loyalty or incentive programs – give the consumer an incentive to click through to the deal page
  6. Use the QR code to analyse your ROI – a full report on click through will be provided.